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Kulturni Automat +
Exhibition in MSUV
  in Novi Sad, Serbia
Photographing exhibitions "Jump and dive" and "We cut the cables" in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina.
The cooperation with "Kulturni Automat +" on the occasion of the exhibitions "Skok i zaron“ and „Isekle smo kablove“ was extraordinary. Both before and after the mentioned exhibitions, the innovative and professional team of KA + delighted us as a team, both with excellent photos and videos, as well as with their energy to "shake" and modernize the approach to cultural events. From the very beginning, I follow and admire their idea and enthusiasm to make a web application. By achieving that goal, the idea did not stop, on the contrary, it grows and develops into new ones. "I put curiosity" in this "Automat" and got a wonderful collaboration that I'm sure will last.
Milica Kojić, Head of Public Relations and Marketing, MSUV